Christine Steiner negotiates, drafts, and maintains licensing agreements for clients' intellectual property produced in the course of creative or business ventures. She also assists artists and writers in protecting works of art or publications.

She is an active participant in the field of intellectual property in the new technologies, and has addressed numerous national and international conferences on the topic of protecting and controlling image or text resources in the digital environment. She provides clients with detailed information about state and federal intellectual property laws.

She works with seasoned professionals to manage the filing of appropriate documents to protect valuable assets, including:

  • Copyright Registration for written, graphic, or other artistic works;
  • Trademark Registration for business or product names and logos or other marks;
  • Trade Secret protection for customer lists, formulas, patterns, techniques, or processes.

She also assists with litigation support and/or management of outside litigation counsel. Although she does not handle litigation directly, her extensive experience in state and federal trial and appellate matters, including matters before the U S Supreme Court, enable her to assess and advise on her clients' interests.


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